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Create meaningful moments on your wedding day

March 15, 2021



Couple holds each others faces for a kiss

What’s the number one thing people tell you when you’re planning your wedding? “It goes by so fast!” You might be annoyed when you hear this cliché, but it really is true. Most couples wake up early to get ready and stay with their guests until last call, and at some point you may catch yourself wondering where the hours went.

What will you remember the next day, a year later, or on your 10th anniversary? It’s easy to get caught up in a hectic timeline, making sure everything is in place, and trying to greet every guest, but remember: this is YOUR day. Make an intentional plan to enjoy it.

In this blog post, I’ll share some ideas to create organic and memorable moments on your wedding day. 

careful planning makes for a less stressful day

If at all possible, recruit professionals or ask people you know to help with set up and tear-down, make sure the timeline goes smoothly, and work with your vendors ahead of time. You’ll have less to worry about on wedding day, which equals more time doing more enjoyable things. You and your partner have planned this wedding for some time, especially if you’re planning a wedding during the pandemic- your only responsibility on wedding day should be to show up in style and enjoy yourselves. Delegate any tasks you can on wedding day; this in itself will give you more time to share meaningful moments with the people around you.

with your spouse

This is THE most important person you want to share meaningful moments with on your wedding day. So often, wedding days fly by and you have spent the majority of it away from each other! Some of that has to do with tradition, logistics, or spending time with guests, but make sure you and your spouse spend quality time together on your terms. It is your wedding day!

  • Get ready together. This is for our couples who may be planning a smaller wedding or eloping, or just like to do things their own way! Even if you don’t want to see each other “dressed”, you can still do the little things like brushing your teeth together, having breakfast, etc. Some couples get their wedding outfits on together, too, and I kind of love that idea.
  • First look: Once your ceremony is over, the majority of the evening is about you and your guests. It Is difficult for you to get time just to yourselves, which is one reason I advocate for couples to do a first look. Ask your photographer to build this in to your timeline, and ask your wedding parties/parents to give you privacy so the two of you can check in and enjoy some quiet time together. Remember, when you walk down the aisle you have to be quiet for a few minutes until you say your vows. If you want to gush over how amazing your partner looks, a first look is a great time to do so! It also helps calm any stress or nerves you may have, you get some beautiful pictures, it’s just a great idea.
  • Write a letter: Even If you decide not to do a first look, you can write a letter to your spouse. This is also a great idea because you can keep this memento for the future and remember how this day felt. Some people write the letter on the morning of their wedding so they can capture exactly what they are thinking and feeling about the adventure ahead.
  • Take 15 minutes after your formal photos for the two of you: After your formal family photos, hopefully your photographer will sneak you away for some just married portraits! If at all possible, take a few minutes after that to walk around with your new SPOUSE, have a drink or something to eat if you’re hungry or thirsty, and enjoy the quiet before the party begins.

with your family

Bride embraces father

Some family members will get their special moment during the ceremony or reception or even with a first look, but those small in-between moments with just you and a family member are so invaluable. If there’s someone you want to feel loved, pick a task that you will need help with on wedding day that they can be part of. Alternatively, set aside a few minutes to spend with that person before the ceremony. There’s a bonus to this: Your photographer can document these intimate, candid moments!

Here are a few ideas of how to create a small, but special moment with a family member:

  • Share a first look with parent(s), sibling(s), kid(s), and/or grandparent(s)
  • Have a sibling or parent help you put on a necklace, fix your dress, assist with a suit jacket, tie, or boutionniere
  • Set aside a few minutes to give a personalized gift to that person and after they open it, let them know how important they are to you
  • Enjoy a glass of mimosa, bourbon, or even breakfast on the morning of your wedding
  • Invite a parent or grandparent to tag along to watch group photos be taken
  • Treat your mom, grandma, or other close relative to have their hair and makeup done with you

with the wedding party

Your wedding party includes your closest friends and supporters of you as a person and you in your relationship. Have a few extra minutes before ceremony or while getting ready? Get together and share a special memory with each member of your wedding party, and they can share a memory they have with you.

How often do we tell the people closest to us how much we care about them? Weddings bring your closest loved ones together, and what better time than now to tell them you love them. In addition to just being a really special moment, if your photographer is nearby, this is the time for some great photos of you with your wedding party, group hugs and happy tears.

Wedding party cheers

Your wedding might go by quickly, but with carefully and intentional planning, you can share meaningful moments with the special people in your life that they’ll never forget. Make sure that you prioritize what you and your spouse want on wedding day, and that you save a few minutes for just the two of you before the night ends. 

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