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The Prettiest Fall Senior Picture Locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana

September 13, 2022

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Looking for a senior photographer for fall in Louisville or Southern Indiana? It’s no secret that fall is one of THE most popular times of year for senior pictures! I’m sharing everything you need to know in this blog post, from the best time of year for fall colors to my favorite locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana. These spots are all going to be nature inspired locations that show off the oranges, yellows, and deep reds of the season.

When is the best time for the fall colors???

In most parts of Louisville and Southern Indiana, the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November are the best for fall foliage. Depending on the year, sometimes those fall leaves hang on until mid to late November, but to be on the safe side book by the second week of November so the trees still have some leaves on them. Location definitely matters, if you’re in a place like Red River Gorge or further north in Indiana, the leaves turn earlier than they do in Louisville!

What are your favorite Louisville spots for senior pictures in the fall?

My top 3 favorites for fall photos in/near Louisville are: the Parklands of Floyd’s Fork, Cherokee Park, and St. James Court.

A girl in a flower sweater and jeans walks through a tall grassy park field
Parklands of Floyd’s Fork

I buy a photography permit every year for the Parklands, because it looks incredible in every season. It’s a HUGE park that has it all – tall grassy fields, tall trees, wildflowers, and a picture-perfect creek area.

A collage with three images of a girl in a jean jacket with yellow wildflowers for fall senior pictures
Cherokee Park

Cherokee Park is another local favorite, with “Dog Hill” being a guaranteed spot for beautiful trees in the background of your pictures. There are also plenty of winding paths that are beautiful to walk through, and the occasional late wildflower bloom.

Three senior girls pose for senior pictures in the historic St. James Court
St. James Court

St. James Court and nearby Central Park have a historic feel that reminds me of a smaller Central Park in NYC. This is a must-see in Louisville, and definitely one of my favorites for senior pictures!

Looking for something unique?

Tioga State Falls, Bernheim Forest, Tyler Park, and Big Rock Creek are some other favorites of mine. These photos below are from Tioga Falls a few years ago, to this day one of the best sessions ever!

A collage with images of a black girl in a plaid fall coat. Yellow leaves fall around her
Tioga Falls

What are your favorite Southern Indiana spots for senior pictures in the fall?

In Southern Indiana, there are so many great options for fall senior portraits!

9 different girls pose in front of a lake, tall grassy field and in the trees
Mount St. Francis

Mount St. Francis is probably the number one requested spot for seniors in the fall, with good reason. It has tall, dried grassy areas, tall pine trees, and of course the docks by the lake. I always renew my permit because the sunsets here are unbelievable!

A girl in a purple top and jeans sits on top of a rocky coastline during golden hour
Falls of the Ohio

One of my personal favorites is Falls of the Ohio State Park in Clarksville, which has some foliage but is also right by the water. When the water level is low and you can walk out on the fossil beds, it’s magical – golden hour here is my stunning!

A collage of a teen boy in a yellow sweater in front of fall trees
Huber’s Orchard and Winery

Huber’s Orchard is another seasonal favorite that everyone loves! Whether you want to stroll through the apple orchards or the pumpkin patches, take a hay ride, or munch on a warm donut, photos at Huber’s are sure to inspire lots of nostalgia when you look back at your senior pictures. 

Other Southern Indiana locations for fall:

Charlestown State Park, Clifty Falls, Spring Mills State Park are other places I’d love to go for your fall senior session!

Ready to book a fall session before the dates fill up? Click here to visit the senior page of my website, or fill out the contact form at the bottom to get in touch!

Looking for more fall inspo? Check out my Fall Senior Outfit Pinterest board here.

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