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HMUA Spotlight: Lindsey Joy Sweeney of Sweet Southern Beauty

August 8, 2019



Lindsey Joy Sweeney is a HMUA (hair/make up artist) who will make you look as beautiful and confident as you are on the inside! She stopped by to help out with Anita’s makeup for our Indian Bridal Styled Shoot (keep scrolling for henna pics!) and we were BLOWN AWAY! We requested a bold eye, natural look for the base, and a bold lip to compliment the eyes. 

While we got started, we chatted about Lindsey’s business (Sweet Southern Beauty): first, Lindsey is available for beautiful transformations by appointment, including during the day and weekends for bridal looks. She is fast and skilled at what she does, and I highly recommend her!

Next, we gossiped about some of the viral makeover challenges – one of my recent favorites is the 90s Makeover Tutorial (click here if you want to laugh your a$$ off!). I cringe as I think back to these trends, the “cool phrases” we used to say, but TBH love my decade!

As for now, apparently magnetic eyelashes are a thing, which I had no idea existed! Although we went with a traditional fake lash for this shoot, it’s on Lindsey’s list for things to try. She mostly avoids the viral makeup challenges because they can be a little ridiculous, in her opinion, but she’s definitely got you covered with the latest looks.

Also goals: Lindsey’s makeup stash! If you book with her, rest assured she has got you COVERED when it comes to a variety of products to choose from, although we trusted her judgment for selecting colors since she already knew our concept.

We had a lot of fun with Lindsey and Anita was so shocked when she saw the final look! Enjoy a few snapshots of the finished makeover as well as the Indian Bridal Styled Shoot Anita participated in (coming to a future blog post soon!!!)

Remember that AMAZING henna done by JessiKay?!? Here it is in its full glory
Sneak preview of our styled shoot – blog post next week!

Um, can you say DROP DEAD GORGEOUS?!?!?

For our styled shoot, we were outside (in July) in the early evening and it was HOT AF, and later that night we went out and Anita’s makeup was FLAWLESS, not affected by the sweating or heat several hours after application! This is a MUST for brides who need to look fire for their entire wedding day.

So basically, stop reading this and book your appointment with Sweet Southern Beauty because she is a QUEEN and she will make sure you (and your makeup) are SET and ready to dance, sweat, get married, or just straight up look beautiful for whatever the occasion might be.

Thanks for reading and join me next Thursday with more dreamy photos like the one above from our Indian Bridal Styled Shoot!

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