Top 5 Locations for Engagement Sessions in Louisville

Louisville Engagement Beckley Creek

As one of Louisville’s top engagement photographers, I absolutely LOVE exploring the city to find unique spots for the couples I work with. These locations are versatile enough that they look different in each season, and I make sure that each couple’s photos stand out, even when returning to the same location multiple times. There are plenty of spots in Southern Indiana that I love too, so I will definitely share that in a future blog post!

How did I decide on my Top 5? First, by picking a variety of location types that are popular requests for couples and places that are visually appealing to my photographer’s eye. Keep reading to see which spot is #1!

5. NuLu (Market Street)

NuLu has got great restaurants, colorful murals, and hidden gems that make this a really nice area for engagement sessions. Want to be outdoors at a cute bar like Garage Bar or Nouvelle? Check. Do you like trendy storefronts and window shopping? Check. Want to grab a bite to eat during your session? Check. NuLu is a really fun place to explore, dressed up or dressed down!

4. Louisville Rooftops

Rooftop sessions are so popular right now! Who knew that something so simple as a parking garage would make a great engagement session location? Catch an amazing sunset, take in a new view of the city, get that urban/downtown feel, it’s a really fun option. 

3. Louisville Waterfront

This is MY personal favorite spot in the city for a walk or watching the sunset, the Louisville Waterfront Park area is expansive and has so much to offer.We can take photos on the bridge, under/between the bridges, by the water, on the trails, or with the tall evergreens and wildflowers!
Plan a cute picnic, take a walk, watch the sunset – this is my personal favorite and a popular option for couples and engagement sessions.

2. St. James Court and Central Park

Old Louisville’s hidden gems, St. James Court and Central Park are classic, romantic locations for any engagement session. Fountains, historic homes, alleyways tucked away with beautiful green ivy – and the best part is that there is greenery even in the winter!

1. The Parklands of Floyd’s Fork

This park’s got it all: beautiful tall grass in the fall, wildflowers in the spring and summer, well-maintained trails, woodsy creeks, and more! I buy a permit to photograph sessions here every year because it’s 100% worth it in any season. The Parklands are spacious enough that even if people are there, you can find a nice secluded spot for photos, and it’s also a dog friendly park if you want to bring your pooch along for your engagement session. I’ve seen some of the dreamiest golden hour lighting and colorful sunsets here at Floyd’s Fork

Did I include some new places or a favorite spot you’d like to visit? Fill out a contact form below to start planning for your Louisville couples or engagement photos soon!

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