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10 Fun Ideas for your Engagement Photos

January 11, 2024



So, you’re engaged, found your dream wedding photographer and are now planning your engagement session? Every couple has one person who’s ECSTATIC and can’t wait for the engagement session, and the other who is a little nervous about being in front of the camera…and of course they marry each other.

I’m an engagement and wedding photographer, so I hear this from a lot of couples! That’s why I’m sharing my advice to help you create an experience you and your partner will both enjoy for your engagement session!

The easiest way to calm your nerves is to plan a fun activity for your engagement session. Show your photographer your idea of a good time – a relaxing night in or a night on the town, dressing up or dressing down, something short and sweet or an extended adventure!

I love when my couples choose activities because it shows me what they both love to do together, it’s comfortable – which means you can feel like you’re in a safe environment and can relax more, and I get to know couples better this way. The smiles are all genuine when you’re doing something you already enjoy.

Here are 10 fun ideas to use as inspiration for your own session!

Watch the sunset together

Louisville Waterfront Park and Falls of the Ohio State Park are two of my favorite places to watch the sunset in warmer months. Walk along the water or across the bridge for breathtaking views of the city. There are so many unique spots within the waterfront area to choose from, on the Louisville and Southern Indiana side. 

Fun fact: My husband and I had our first date walking across the bridge to get pizza at the Parlor in Jeffersonville!

Get dressed up and going to a meaningful place for the two of you

It feels so fun to get dressed up for a date night, especially when you know the photos are going to be SO cute! St. James Court is a favorite spot for many local couples who enjoy taking a stroll past the historic houses. With flowering trees in the spring, beautifully manicured gardens in summertime and vibrant fall leaves -it’s one of my favorites, too.

Play board games together and ordering takeout 

Fancy a night in? Homebodies unite!!! There’s nothing quite as cozy as being in the comfort of your own home. Ben and Berry ordered Chinese takeout, put on their favorite music and played Phase10. Later we also brought out their dogs for a few pictures, because they’re family too! 

Ride the carousel at the Louisville Zoo 

A date that involves cute animals? Count me in! Erin and Alex took me on a journey through the bamboo forest, and rode on the magical carousel together on this beautiful summer day. Now I’ll always remember how much fun we had when I visit the zoo next!

Get playful with 1v1 basketball

Hoops nation – get your hands up! Personally, I love to see couples get a little playful and competitive together. Izzy and Brian play basketball in their free time, so I suggested a little 1v1 to show off their moves. A fun fact about me is I know so little about sports that any cool skills you have will automatically impress me. Look at how much air they got – I love it!

If you don’t play a sport but enjoy watching sports, you can also wear your favorite jerseys, bring your photographer to your tailgate or a local game!

Go to a new date night spot 

I am obsessed with showing people my favorite restaurants, bars and local spots – so when I get to suggest new locations to couples and they’re all for it, it makes me happy! Caitlin and Brad were down to check out a new bar and it ended up being the PERFECT vibe to match their colorful energy. Having new experiences together as a couple is one of the best ways to make memories.

Take your dog to your favorite park or outdoor spot

Your dogs are always welcome to our session! Not every couple can include their pets in the wedding, so bringing them along for part of our engagement session is a fantastic option. We will bribe them with plenty of treats, and be prepared for them to give you kisses, too!

Skateboard through the streets of Louisville 

How COOL are Abby and Evan?!? Skateboarding brought them together, so it was only fitting they bring their boards for part of their engagement session! I freaking love seeing two people with a really niche hobby just crushing it. You know everyone around was hyping them up!

Go to an arcade and getting competitive at pinball 

The fun don’t stop – watching Emily kick ass at pinball and cheer on Michael at their favorite arcade was a core memory for sure. They enjoyed a cold beer while they  popped quarters into the slots of the colorful machines.

Visit a botanical garden together 

Louisville is filled with absolutely stunning parks and gardens – and Waterfront Botanical Gardens is my favorite! Enjoy the lush greenery, colorful florals, and peaceful waterfalls as you walk down the windy path. Butterflies and golden hour at this spot are magical – see for yourself! Nature is always the best background for any photo, in my opinion.

Enjoy a romantic picnic in the spring or summertime

One of my personal favorite date activities is to take a romantic picnic, and many of my couples agree! Cherokee Park and the Waterfront are two of my favorite spots because there are so many green areas with great views.

Which of these ideas were your favorites? I hope this inspires you to think outside the box for your session and plan something fun you’ll both enjoy! 

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Johanna Hribal is an engagement and wedding photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. She enjoys traveling to other states and countries for weddings and elopements whenever possible! People love her colorful and vibrant edits and the way she captures their love in a natural and non-intrusive way. Click here to visit her website to learn more about current wedding collections. Follow me on Instagram to see more engagement sessions, weddings I’ve been photographing!

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