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My favorite wedding looks for grooms and suit-wearers

January 24, 2024



A curly-haired groom sports an emerald green suit on his wedding day

This blog post is dedicated to all the fashionable suit and tux-wearers out there. Most wedding outfit inspiration posts you see are aimed at brides, but not everyone wears a dress to their wedding. Let’s not overlook the incredible suits and tuxes – grooms and other types of marriers want to have their fashion moment too!

Last year, I got married and let me tell you – my husband spent more time trying to find the perfect suit and tux than I did my dresses! We had a small ceremony in April and a destination reception in Mexico that was more formal in November. For each celebration, he took numerous trips to suit shops, ordered several tuxes online, and made countless trips to the mall to find the perfect pieces for each.

It’s clear to see that in the wedding industry, things are so heavily geared towards brides or dress-wearers, but grooms and suit-wearers deserve to have just as many options! 

Luckily, in 2023 I hit the motherlode of high class fashion from my couples with a variety of colors, styles, and accessories. Scroll on to see the incredible suits, tuxes, and everything in between!

The classic black tux –  I truly believe every groom looks like a celebrity wearing a fitted black tux, especially when paired with a bowtie and suspenders. Jacket styles can vary and some grooms decide to skip the pocket square and boutonniere!

A black suit with a tie is the more comfy version of the black tux. It still looks elegant, while not being quite as formal. A black suit is a great staple to have in your wardrobe that you can wear again after the wedding!

Navy is a wonderful option that is bold but not quite as strong a contrast as a black suit. It pairs nicely with just about any wedding color you choose! Another versatile suit option to have in your closet so you can wear it at the next formal event you attend.

We love a good outfit change! Adam wore a more traditional navy suit for the more traditional Catholic ceremony, then changed into the traditional red Áo dài worn for the Vietnamese tea ceremony. This outfit looked SO comfortable, and was a beautiful way to celebrate the joining of two families and cultures.

I had SEVERAL grooms wear emerald suits last year, and I loved it! It’s an earthy color that looks flattering on anyone and is wonderful for outdoor weddings. Fun colors like this invite you to pair it with a patterned floral shirt or a trendy hat. 

Matthew’s emerald velvet suit jacket had a more formal flair that was perfect for a Christmas themed wedding in December.

After seeing this one of a kind suit, I hope more people consider a brown suit for their wedding! Alex wore an almost copper brown suit that was very unique, paired with a custom vest made by his sister in law and a patterned light green ascot. He accessorized his boutonniere with an elven brooch that Lord of the Rings fans will recognize instantly.

JP wore a light, off-white suit for his outdoor summer wedding. Light colored suits are cooler when outdoors and it complemented the green and blush color palette beautifully. 

Another unique look I loved – white tux jackets! Here you can see two different variations on the look, both with bowties and black pants.

On the left, Tyler sports a white printed satin tux jacket with black lapels and a bowtie at Churchill Downs.

Right, winter groom Jared added pearly veil cape sleeves his jacket for his ceremony entrance. Elegant, classy and one of a kind – now this is what we need more of for groom style!

Which of these looks are your favorite? I hope this inspired you to think outside of the box for your wedding day suits and tuxes!

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