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6 Reasons to Consider Professional Hair and Makeup for your Senior Portraits

February 26, 2021

senior portraits


Photographing senior portraits in Louisville and Southern Indiana, I’ve gotten to see an awesome range of looks for sessions. Some seniors are more casual and natural, and others like to get super glam. Recently, I added professional hair and makeup as an add-on for senior portraits because it can be a HUGE confidence booster for your session.

If you’re having your senior portraits done soon, you may be wondering if you should splurge on professional hair and makeup for your session, or if you should just DIY. Maybe you’re not considering it for one of these reasons:

“I don’t normally wear makeup or do my hair any special way.”

“I don’t want to look fake or like I have makeup caked on me.”

“I want to feel like myself and not look superficial.”

“I’m a guy” or “I’m not a girly girl.”

“I can do my own makeup and it looks okay.”

“I don’t know if it’s really worth the money. I’m already paying for pictures.” 

Also, not all of us are pro artists trained by Youtube and Tik Tok University! Here’s the thing – your senior portrait session is 100% about YOU. You definitely want to look and feel like yourself, but shouldn’t you also look your absolute best for the pictures you’ll use for your #seniorsunday post, frame for your families and look back on in the future?

Behold, my senior yearbook photo: 

Girl smiling in Yearbook photo
I cringe.

When I was in high school, I didn’t really wear makeup or do anything to my hair. I had braces and glasses (but not in the cute way people today can pull them off together) and I never did a senior portrait outside of school.

Looking back, I so WISH that someone suggested for me to have hair and makeup done so I could actually be proud to share my senior picture instead of cringing every time I see it.

Here are 6 reasons to get your hair and makeup done for your senior pictures:

1. You have problematic skin or have felt self-conscious or critical of your skin in pictures before

First, if you have ANY sort of skin issues, at minimum you should let a makeup artist help you get smooth, clear skin for your senior portraits. Acne, red blotchy skin, dry skin, big pores – makeup artists can work their magic so you feel less self-conscious about your skin. Makeup is NOT just for girls or “girly girls,” so regardless of your gender, consider your skin and how you want it to look.

2. You don’t wear makeup often, you may not be able to do your makeup or there is a unique look you want to try that you can’t pull off on your own

Maybe you’re like me – you don’t do your makeup or hair often, or you really have no idea how to create a look that matches perfectly with the outfit you have planned. Professionals have creative intuition to help you achieve the style you like! You can bring inspiration photos for them to work with, too. You’ll feel so much better when someone nails exactly what you dreamed up!

“It just added something to the pictures and made my look come together!”

– Sierra F.

HMUA Marie Fulkerson

3. Put your best face forward

Would you go to prom without getting your hair and makeup done? Probably not! You know that prom is all about looking your best, taking selfies and red carpet pictures with your friends, and your senior portrait session is the same! These pics will be on social media, the walls of your home, on graduation announcements, and more. Make sure you are proud of the way you look!

4. Try something new and learn from the pros!

Whether you do your makeup all the time or you really don’t think it’s for you, having someone else do a unique look or elevate something you’ve already tried is a fun way to mix things up. You might learn about better ways to apply your makeup, style your hair or new products that work well with your skin and hair from the pros!

Hair and makeup by Kayla, Color in the Ville

Raving reviews: Lekha said that she loved getting to have her hair and makeup done by a passionate pro who brought her vintage hair and makeup look to life!

HMUA: Kayla from Color in the Ville

5. Treat yourself to a unique experience you’ll only have during your senior year!

YOLO is so true. I can tell you as an adult, there are VERY FEW times that most people will actually treat themselves to self-care or have beautiful pictures taken of them: prom, senior photos, engagement/wedding, baby photos, and maybe having family photos taken every few years. That’s like once every four years (or more) for most people!!!

Your senior portrait experience is ALL about you, it’s about celebrating your accomplishments and a big new step in your life towards adulthood. Getting your hair and makeup done before your senior portraits will leave you feeling like a million bucks!

6. Instantly boost your confidence

Last but not least, when you see how amazing you look after having professional hair and makeup done for your session, you will instantly FEEL the happy adrenaline rush and be SO confident and ready for your pictures. Knowing your skin looks radiant, your hair is perfectly in place, your outfit is fire will really make the celebration of this big step in your life sink in!

Click here to see Makenzie’s before and after by Marie Fulkerson Beauty Lounge (final look below!)

“She was very talkative and made me feel more comfortable, I loved the look! I loved how Marie did everything exactly how I wanted and more” – Makenzie G.

HMUA Marie Fulkerson

Ultimately, whatever decision you feel comfortable with is absolutely the best choice for you! The seniors who have gotten their hair and makeup done for their sessions have walked in with SO much confidence and really enjoyed feeling extra special for the day. I work with plenty of amazing professionals in the area who are skilled in a variety of looks from very minimal to dramatic, different skin tones and hair textures to achieve your dream look!

Want to know more? Reach out below to chat about a deluxe package that includes hair and makeup for senior portraits in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

Hair and makeup artist credits (click below to visit their websites):

Marie Fulkerson Beauty Lounge

Color in the Ville

Makeup by Brooke Duvall-Stiller

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