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New Year’s Resolutions for Couples: The Letters, v. 1

January 3, 2021

"The Letters" for Couples


happy new year!!!

Whether you’re superstitious or just a little stitious (shout out to fellow fans of The Office), it’s always nice to enjoy the feeling of starting fresh or mixing up your routine. Even nicer is knowing that you’re going into a year full of unknowns with a life partner who will be by your side through it all – cheers to making it to 2021!

Me + my boo Marcelo, photo credit: Kimon the best Greek photographer ever!

For those of you who haven’t met me, I’m Johanna, a Louisville-based wedding, elopement, and senior portrait photographer! In this very first edition of “The Letters” to couples, I would love to inspire you and your partner to try new things together – each month I’ll be sharing ideas for something you can do (free date night ideas), ways to explore new places in Kentuckiana, and give inspiration to help deepen your connection with each other. Whether you’re planning a wedding together this year, dating, or have been together for a while, let’s keep that spark alive and have fun this year – you deserve it!!!

Here are some New Year’s Resolutions you won’t want to give up on:

try a new hobby together 

Even if it doesn’t end up being a “forever” hobby, new things are way more fun with your partner there next to you. Which of these have you never tried before? Try one new activity each month with your partner!

There are so many fun things to try! I’ll be sharing some of these each month, including a classic cocktail for each month of the year 🙂

create new traditions this year:

Especially for married couples, creating new traditions for your new family is a really sweet way to celebrate this step in your relationship. Will you visit a new national park in the summers, add a new ornament to the tree each year, or plan an anniversary getaway each year? It’s great to have something to look forward to each year that’s just for the two of you and your family.

Is having yearly photos taken a new tradition you’d like to try? Look for a special discount at the bottom of this post!

support your partner’s new year’s resolutions and celebrate when they reach their goal.

Most New Year’s Resolution are abandoned in the early months of the year. If you have someone who can help keep you accountable, you’re much more likely to follow through! If you know your partner has set a goal, encourage them when they are making progress towards it, join them in their resolution to give them some support, and find a way to celebrate their progress along the way.

take turns planning date nights

Make it a surprise destination, and bonus points if you help them figure out what to wear! Date nights don’t just have to be at fancy restaurants – spontaneous picnics, a special dinner at home, breakfast in bed, sign them up for a surprise photo session – you know your partner, do something they’ll enjoy!

image credit: Joshua Perez

express your love in a new way by discovering your love languages:

The Five Love Languages is a bestselling book by Gary Chapman that helps couples find the way they give and receive love in a romantic partnership. This could be a great read for you and your partner, or you can just take the quiz online and find out your love languages to help you figure out the best way to show your partner some love this year.

Date night ideas based on you + your partner’s love languages:

words of affirmation:

  • Create a scavenger hunt with handwritten notes that explain why you love and appreciate your partner, when you knew you loved them, etc.
  • Play games like “We’re Not Really Strangers”, “Intimacy Deck”  or “Deeper Talk Deck” to connect on a deeper level
  • Make it a habit at least one morning or evening a week to look your partner in the eye and tell them one reason you love them

physical touch

  • Sign up for an in-person or virtual dance class together: Close partner dances like tango, salsa, and bachata are all great for physically connecting with your partner
  • Learn how to give a relaxing massage with lotions and scented oils
  • Have fun together: Tickle fights, Twister, mini golf, tackling each other in the snow, piggyback rides, a sensual bath – the possibilities are endless!

receiving gifts:

  • If you see something you know your partner would love, buy it and hide it in a safe place for a day when you can see they really need a pick-me-up. *BONUS POINTS if you give it to them on a day that is NOT an anniversary, birthday or Christmas.
  • Drop off a gift for them at work, in their car, or somewhere they will see it at a time they wouldn’t expect
  • Think outside the box for gift ideas: A surprise photo shoot, something edible, an experience, a spa day, an event (like a sports game/concert), an outfit to wear, flowers, new cologne/perfume, or just something that made you think of them.

quality time:

  • Try “The Adventure Challenge” for couples! This is an awesome book that gives you 50 different scratch-off adventures to do throughout the year, and the best part is neither of you have to plan anything!
  • Go for a spontaneous walk somewhere close by you’ve always wanted to explore together.
  • Book a couple’s cooking class or mixology date night
  • Plan a random weekend getaway!
  • Spend a lazy morning or evening in bed enjoying each other’s company

acts of service:

  • Prep their morning coffee for them or make them breakfast/dinner
  • Watch a movie/show they love, even if you don’t really care for it
  • Join them in an activity they love (even if you’re just watching) and show genuine interest in what they’re doing
  • Go out of your way to their favorite bakery or dessert spot to pick something up for them on the way home from work

Low quality pic, high quality time taking a Pizza + Pasta course in Rome!

Whatever you choose to focus on this year as a couple, I hope it brings you a lot of joy and some unforgettable moments! In February, I’ll be sharing some at-home/virtual date night ideas for you and your S.O. The picture above is a hint 🙂

P.S. – I’m offering in-home mini sessions for couples OR for boudoir for January and February ONLY! You don’t have to leave home to have a great time. Let’s make it a date! You and your S.O. can be cooking together, dance in the living room, or just chill with your pets for some pictures.

Boudoir photos make great gifts for Valentine’s Day, and although I don’t share many of these due to their sensitive and personal content, I can send a few examples of my boudoir work for serious inquiries. Fill out a contact form below if you’re interested in either and I’ll send you more info!

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