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Rose + John’s Sunset Engagement at the Louisville Waterfront and Falls of the Ohio State Park

July 5, 2020



It’s no secret that some of my favorite spots for engagement sessions are near the Louisville Waterfront – I love going for walks on the Big Four Bridge and enjoying the view from Falls of the Ohio around sunset, so I was really excited when Rose and John wanted to go check them out for their engagement session!

their love story:

Both Cincinnati natives, these two engineers ended up working for GE Appliances and falling in love with each other’s sense of adventure and silliness. Dancing, rock climbing, riding around on John’s motorcycle – these two have so much fun together! When it came time for the proposal, John actually MADE the engagement ring for Rose (minus the diamond, which he said he would have made if he had the time and opportunity!). Needless to say, the bar for DIY weddings has been officially raised. He proposed at sunset atop the Big Four Bridge, and got the whole thing on video!

so much love!!! i love how comfortable these two are together

the engagement session

True to their adventurous spirits, their engagement session was filled with dancing, super strong Rose carrying John around on her back (#myfeministhero) and naturally, lots of sweetness!

Since they got engaged on the bridge, this was definitely a memorable spot for pictures!

I had a feeling Rose would definitely be down to carry John around on her back, and I’m so glad she was!!! John seemed to really enjoy his piggyback ride 🙂

There was a lot of celebratory dancing in the engagement video, naturally they recreated the moment!

falls of the ohio state park

Rose + John’s first time at Falls of the Ohio featured a spectacular sunset!

It was so peaceful walking around the rocks and along the water – one of my favorite places to end a session for sure.

I can’t wait for their wedding in October!!! Congratulations you two 🙂

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