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When to find wildflowers in Louisville, Kentucky from spring to fall

June 20, 2023

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A teen girl poses in front of red flowers

Louisville is lucky to have an incredible network of parks, many of which have wildflowers throughout the year! Everyone enjoys finding fields of colorful wildflowers – they’re a beautiful addition for senior portraits, engagement sessions, and picnics. The tricky part is knowing where to find them and when, since many of them are weather-dependent and some have short blooming seasons. 

Thankfully, I’m a photographer who is obsessed with colorful flowers and I LOVE to take my clients to all the best spots for wildflowers when we have them. I keep a list of the months when I spot wildflowers in Louisville and their locations for my clients!

Contact me if you’d like to book a wildflower session to get access to my exclusive location guide.

Below you can find the list of when to look for wildflowers in Louisville, and a few locations that allow you to visit or pick your own.

Photo access to wildflowers and conservation info

Most privately owned flower farms require a paid photography permit to take professional photos. They may have restrictions on days or hours where photo sessions are permitted or other guidelines to follow. Please be respectful of other patrons and our local businesses, and do your research before visiting.

In public areas, like our Louisville parks, please practice Leave No Trace if you do stumble upon a patch of wildflowers. Take care not to trample them, pick them, or otherwise damage the area they’re in. Foil confetti or other man-made, non biodegradable items are harmful for the planet. 

A girl crouches down to admire the wildflowers

Scroll down for a definitive monthly guide to find wildflowers in and around Louisville! 

Spring wildflowers in Louisville

A single magnolia flower blossoms

Starting in late April, you can start to find signs of spring. Many trees begin to blossom from late April to the middle of May. Magnolia blossoms are among my favorites, and their trees usually fill with hundreds of blooms that last for around two-three weeks, depending on the weather.

You can also find other blossoming trees like with pink, white, or canary yellow flowers, bushes with fuchsia colored flowers, and so much more. I’ve found some of the best flowering trees driving around Louisville’s neighborhoods and parks!

In the month of May, fields of yellow and white wildflowers can be found throughout Kentucky as well as Southern Indiana. Other seasonal flowers like tulips and daffodils are also lovely for photos!

Summer wildflowers in Louisville

Summertime brings a new set of wildflowers in different locations. 

In early June, red poppies linger and lavender season begins. Red poppies are abundant in Elizabethtown, or locally in a few select parks. For a two week period, select farms in Kentucky will have beautiful fields of lavender available to enjoy and pick. Typically, the locations that allow visitors will share on their website or social media the specific weeks that are prime dates to visit.

Lavender farms in Kentucky include The Lavender Field, Fairview Lavender Farm, and Lavender in Bloom

From late June to July, lavender, orange wildflowers, and Black-eyed Susans can be found around the parks of Louisville. 

A large sunflower in a field of sunflowers

At the end of the summer, from late July to early August, one of the most visually stunning flowers emerges – the sunflower!!! There are farms with vast fields that have thousands of sunflowers, which grow tall and draw huge crowds.

The sunflowers also have a short life span before the heat makes them start to wither, typically the first week of August is the best time to visit a sunflower farm. 

Sunflower fields to visit in Kentucky: Evan’s Orchard Cider Mill, Gallrein Farms

Fall wildflowers in Louisville

In the fall, there are still plenty of wildflowers to be found – including yellow and purple goldenrod, Black-eyed Susans, aster, and orange and purple cosmos. It’s a beautiful sight to see flowers of varying colors all growing together. You’ll be able to find colorful blossoms from August to the end of September, and sometimes October depending on the year.

From late September until the first frost, goldenrod and other fall florals stick around. Even once these flowers are past their peak color, they stay behind with muted colors that are perfect for fall photos.

Now you know which months and seasons you can find wildflowers in Louisville! These flowers don’t last long, so make sure to book your session well in advance to ensure you can get photos with these colorful beauties. 

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A photo of Johanna (owner of Frames and Letters Photography)

Johanna Hribal is a color obsessed senior photographer for fun loving grads in Louisville, Southern Indiana or wherever you want to go! 

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